Custom Athletic Mouth Guard

Quality Protection

If you’re an avid athlete or the parent of one, you know the importance of proper protective gear. But did you know that up to 40 percent of all sports injuries involve the face? Protect your smile and mouth with a comfortable, custom molded mouthguard to dramatically reduce the risk of sports-related oral injury.

Custom molded mouthguards are comfortable, practical and protective. A dental laboratory creates the custom-made mouthguard after impressions of your teeth are taken by your dentist.

What Is A Mouthguard?

A mouthguard is a comfortable piece of athletic gear that fits over your teeth and can help protect your smile as well as your lips tongue, face and jaw. New research indicates that mouthguards can even reduce the severity of concussions.

While football, hockey, boxing and rugby players would obviously benefit from mouthguards, others, like bicyclists, weightlifters and gymnasts, made the ADA’s list of athletes who need mouthguards. Studies show that 13 to 39 percent of all dental injuries are sports related. Because the face is an important part of a person’s image, self confidence and sometimes success, a custom mouthguard is important to help protect your beautiful smile.