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Dr. Stephen Dautel, D.D.S.

When I first knew that helping others to enjoy better health was my life goal, it became exciting to learn everything I could about health and well-being. For the past thirty years that I’ve been practicing dentistry, this goal has always been my greatest motivation and reward.
Every year, many new and exciting discoveries and technical advancements enter the dental field. I spend most of my time learning and applying these advancements to provide you the latest in dental care.

I have completed the continuum of advanced dental education at the Spear Institute, which is dedicated to achieving excellent dental restorative care. I continue these studies in providing the most current concepts and materials available in our fast-changing and improving dental care.

It is my hope that the knowledge that I’ve acquired through the years will help you achieve the best results and have the best possible experience. I seek to build a lasting relationship of trust between us. A relationship where you know your best interest and long-term overall health will always come first.

Through years of study and practical application of the procedures and techniques that have demonstrated the best longevity and the most beautiful esthetics, I can offer the best choices for you to obtain the “perfectly beautiful smile” you have always wanted.

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Headshot of Dr. Dina Gianchandani

Dr. Dina Gianchandani

Dr. Dina Gianchandani received her Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree from New York University College of Dentistry in 2017. She did her residency at The Albany Stratton VA Medical Center and then began a position at First Advantage Dental in Troy, New York. After a few years in this role, she found herself seeking a way to give back to those in need and landed an opportunity to work with Afghan Refugees. This experience also enabled her to strengthen her oral surgery skills. In 2022, Dr. Gianchandani moved to Denver where she worked as the sole family dentist at Integrative Dental of Denver.

Dr. Gianchandani believes in treating her patients as if they were family. She is known for being caring, collaborative, and ambitious. Many people are surprised to learn that, prior to her dental career, Dr. Gianchandani worked in fashion. She received her Degree in Fiber Science, Apparel Management, and Marketing from Cornell University in 2010. During this time, Dr. Gianchandani acquired many transferable skills, like her knack for noticing fine details and esthetics, which has become her specialty as a dentist.

Outside of work, Dr. Gianchandani can be found doing her favorite restorative activities: walking her dog, working out at the Pilates studio, or napping. Her family is very important to her, and she recently moved from Colorado to New York to be closer to them.