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Rita Brenenstuhl
Steven Dautel is a great guy, A great Dentist, and has a Great Staff. He does the best Dental work. Steven Dautel will always be my dentist.
James J Samsel
Professional and courteous... outstanding all around !
Chuck Decker
Great experience, Great Staff! Love this place
Brian Coleman
thorough and efficient work!
Bill Zyglewicz
Had another great appointment / visit to Arts and Science Dentistry this past Monday. With no exaggeration, the staff always appear to be courteous, helpful, and happy. May sound out of sorts but going to this office comforts me in knowing that I will receive the best treatment possible for my oral hygiene while enjoying some small talk with the staff. Thanks ASD.
Bill Gullickson
We have been going here for years and they have always been courties and efficient highly recommend their service
Scott Stockman
Excellent staff and doctor. Great COVID protocols in place that make you feel safe. I followed my amazing hygienist Lisa here from a retired practice. I highly recommend this place.
Tom Clemow
Extraordinary professional service. Time allocated for attention to detail.
Leonard Cutler
Steve Dautel has been a caring and very effective DDS for me over the past thirty five years.He is patient and understanding with respect to your concerns and tries to make the visit to him in the treatment chair as comfortable as possible under the circumstances.