Porcelain Crowns

Beautiful, Lasting Restorations

In certain cases, the best choice to give your smile a natural, youthful appearance is a porcelain crown.

Porcelain crowns are porcelain coverings cemented into place over an entire tooth. They provide:

  • Coverage and protection for the tooth
  • Restoration of the tooth′s natural shape
  • Strength and durability
  • Natural, life-like appearance and translucency
  • The most ideal aesthetic results

Exceptionally High Quality Value

Crown restorations require incredible precision and craftsmanship. An error of even a fraction of a milimiter can make your crown uncomfortable, unstable, unhealthy or short-lived.

State-of-the-art crowns with professional care, on the other hand, can last for decades. Dr. Dautel has the experience, training, skills and artistic eye that can give you a crown restoration with a perfect fit, great looks and longevity.

An Effective Solution

In order for a tooth to properly receive a crown and support it, some of the natural tooth tissue needs to be sculpted and removed. Crowns are mostly recommended:

  • After root canal therapy
  • If a tooth is cracked
  • If a filling fails
  • If you’ve had a very large cavity

A Relationship Built On Trust

We seek to build a consistent relationship with our patients, where year after year, as part of your preventive care plan, we monitor and maintain your restorations in an optimal state. Our patients know us and know that we stand behind our work. We know we can deliver the quality care you deserve.